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Duke Ellington & Ray Brown - Sophisticated Lady
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Sophisticated Lady - Duke Ellington and Ray Brown

Unfortunately, what we have here is the right cause (See “Do the Feds Really Own The Land in Nevada? Nope!”), and the wrong poster child for the cause. Bundy’s wrong does not make the government right, but it makes it easier for them to act against him with impunity.

This is the conclusion. Read the rest. You must know the history. 

Apparently her only qualifications are that she has lady parts. 

[P]reviously the narrative among conservatives was to find the ‘electable’ Republican to go after the liberal Democrat. Alternative media has shown us what a pernicious fallacy that narrative was. All it did was help forge a ruling class.

Steve Deace.

Truth. The “electable” Republicans very often turn out to be unelectable, because nobody likes a wishy-washy leader. Republican voters don’t like candidates who dance down either side of the center line, depending on the day and the mood and the polls.

RINOs, go home. If you don’t like the platform, leave. 

He got $19 million in research grants, but is only banned for three years from getting more grants. Your tax money at work. 

Where is the oversight?

An outrage. This “researcher” aka con man should be in jail. Breaking rocks from 9 to 5 with a hammer. 

Many unsuspecting workers with “Cadillac” employer-provided healthcare plans will be hit with an Obamacare tax

Not only will OBAMACARE cap small business from expanding due to its massive penalties, but it will soon begin to tax benefits employers give workers - ALL WORKERS. That is correct. At the discretion of the government, they will be able to move the line at which any benefit that exceeds some arbitrary number not adjusted for inflation will become taxable income.

EVERYONE who gets healthcare as abenefit, including retired persons who have worked for the private or public sector, will wake up and find that those benefits are suddenly TAXABLE income. Yes – that is correct. If it costs your employer $1000 per month for your healthcare, that will be taxable income. Hence, you will pay about $4,000 more in taxes for benefits worth $12,000.

source: armstrongeconomics.com

Even The Atlantic Magazine has turned into a whore for the oligarchy. Who will tell the truth anymore? Which news outlets are ready to challenge the orthodoxy, challenge the consensus, challenge the corruption? 

It’s a universe of lies out there. If our president was white, and his name was Nixon or Bush, he would have been impeached in the court of public opinion already. Nixon had to administer his own cover-up. Obama has useful idiots in the media do it for him. 

Why Isn’t Vladimir Putin Afraid of the West?

7 minute discussion, rather enlightening compared to the cartoonish coverage coming from network television, the mainstream moron media.

Europe is co-dependent on Russia. They are unlikely to enact painful sanctions. Why does Obama persist in poking Putin with a stick, to no useful end?