Universe Of Lies

Paul Simon - St Judy’s Comet

Whimsical lullaby-time ditty. Raised a smile for me. 

Setting up for the next meltdown…

Ralph Vaughan Williams : Fantasia on Greensleeves - Neville Marriner / Academy of St. Martins-in-the-fields

Listen… and float away. Elegant. And very English. 

Worth consideration.

Nat “King” Cole - Caravan

Through the latter part of Cole’s career, he was more a crooner, less a jazzer and a piano player. His album After Midnight allowed him to show all his talents and the talents of featured jazz soloists. This is one of the better versions of Caravan in the jazz catalog. 

Ben Watt - Forget

From Ben’s new album Hendra. I suppose this is not really all that different from middle-period Everything But The Girl. Good songwriting, good production. I’m happy Ben is making non-DJ music again. And his wife is making albums. Why can’t they do one together? Bring back Everything But The Girl!


Reason TV’s interview with Senator Rand Paul.  

As always, Rand is brilliant. 

Grab your popcorn: Rep. Trey Gowdy rips IRS Commissioner to shreds



Rep. Trey Gowdy is amazing.  Today, IRS Commissioner Koskinen appeared before the House Oversight Committee, and laid the hammer down.  If this were a WWF wrestling match, Gowdy throws Koskinen into the Tombstone Piledriver

Here’s the video:

Nothing like using a corrupt bureaucrat’s own words against him. 



This is huge, people. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, the federal government has participated in what amounts to entrapment in several (perhaps most) terrorism cases since 9/11, in some cases creating terrorists “out of law-abiding individuals.”

Can you say entrapment? I knew that you could.