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Why aren’t Wall Street banks being taken to trial by our regulatory bodies?

I probably disagree with 90% of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s agenda. But she asks vital questions here. It isn’t merely that “mistakes were made.” Laws were broken. Penalties are assessed, settlement deals are reached, but these are paid out of ill-gotten profits. Where is the incentive to follow the law??? Her other question, beginning about the four minute mark, deals with the market valuation of these banks. The price of the stocks of these big banks is lower than “book value.”  Book value is defined as the value of the assets of an enterprise, if it were to go out of business and assets were sold (minus liabilities it would have to pay out). Why won’t stock investors pay at least the alleged liquidation value of big banks? The implication is that they don’t believe the banks’ claims about the value of their assets. 

Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king. — Bob Dylan

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